Life at Orange, there will be community transmission of COVID-19, with increasing risks to vulnerable communities, and pressure on the health system. 
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Withdrawing from a programme

If you’re unable to complete your programme, talk to the Pouako as soon as possible. You will need to complete a ‘Withdrawal’ form and submit this before the four-week cut-off date, or as soon as possible after you decide to withdraw.

If you withdraw from your programme before the cut-off date:

  • You will be refunded any fee you paid in accordance with our regulations for refunds
  • You will not have academic records created or achievement results recorded
  • Your results for NZQA units will not be reported to NZQA.

If you withdraw from your programme after the 10% cut-off date, you will:

  • Not receive a refund of your programme fee
  • Be liable for payment of any fee that is unpaid at the time of your withdrawal
  • Have results recorded on academic records for any units you achieve

If you are unable to complete a withdrawal form yourself – your Pouako can initiate the withdrawal process. If you decide to withdraw, you will need to inform Study Link if you applied for a loan or if you are receiving a Ākonga allowance.